What is eco-friendly pest control?

Green pest control companies use products that use biological controls such as flavors, flavors and oils combined with safer, greener chemicals. Here at EcoCare Pest Control, we use a specially formulated treatment designed to specifically target pests, while being completely safe for people and most pets. Environmentally friendly pest control uses limited pest control products and carefully selects the products that are used. This process causes less damage to the environment and reduces the threat of toxicity to non-target organisms.

Microbial insecticides are microorganisms that attack pests in an ecological way. One of the most common microbial insecticides you can use in your garden is Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt. Put on gloves, long sleeves and full pants before spraying your plants with this natural pesticide. Bt is not toxic to humans and pets, but make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying it to avoid allergies.

Green pest control is a sustainable method that includes several physical, mechanical, biological and chemical pest control tools. The objective is to be able to rid houses and apartments of rodents and other insects, while avoiding their eradication as much as possible. It is important to remember that preserving these animals and insects is beneficial because they play an important role in the environment and ecosystem. In addition to keeping children and pets safe, there are some insects, such as ladybugs, that are beneficial and should not be harmed either.

Certain environmentally friendly pest controls only target For example, one type of substance that can be employed by pest control services uses microbes that paralyze the digestive system of larvae but do not attack beneficial insects. The next time a recipe calls for cucumber, or you just want to eat a cucumber, pick up the peel and place it at key entry points around your kitchen to help ward off pests. Although it is highly unlikely that an adult will ingest pest control chemicals, this is not the case for children and pets. If you have pets in your home, follow all necessary safety precautions, but definitely don't opt for harmful chemicals and toxins as a pest control solution.

Psychological control techniques are anything that can catch or eliminate pests, with the help of traps, baits, decoys, scarecrows, electrocution screens, and poisoned food. This means you can confidently hire professionals who use eco-friendly pest control to deal with any pest problems in the home or within your business. However, some say that without using strong pesticides, you can't guarantee that all those household pests will go away. With gloved hands, sprinkle diatomaceous earth (or DE) around baseboards in your home or anywhere else you've found insects to quickly eliminate unwanted pests.

If you're a DIY enthusiast, prepare your own pest control by mixing 1 cup of water, ¼ cup of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of the essential oil of your choice in a spray bottle. It can be said that ecological pest control represents an alternative to chemicals that can be used in the face of an insect invasion. When people think about pest control, it's very common for them to think of caustic chemicals and toxic fumes. When pest control companies come to fumigate your home again and again, insects can develop resistance to the pesticides they use.

In view of these adverse effects, some companies are developing alternatives for ecological pest control, also called organic pest control. .

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