Who is the top pest control company?

The best pest control professionals in the industry are Terminix, Orkin, Hawx, Aptive and Bulwark. Each offers comprehensive pest control, decades of experience and expert technicians. These companies are some of the most common names out there, and for good reason. Orkin offers a wide range of services, deep industry experience with science-based treatments, and stellar consumer ratings.

Residential and commercial pest control service protects homes from pests, including insects, termites, rodents and more. Orkin technicians are located in more than 400 branches worldwide and receive 160 hours of award-winning training at Orkin's modern Atlanta training facility. All technicians are QualityPros of the National Pest Management Association, who credit Orkin's high standards of training and accreditation. Technicians also receive annual education from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to keep up to date on pest-related health conditions.

Terminix certified state and local technicians bring local expertise to homes across the country. With 300 branches and entomologists on staff to inform training, Terminix inspires reliability and ensures treatments include prevention tactics. Terminix offers attic insulation, gutter protection and access space encapsulation, which can help prevent future pest infestations. Terminix's comprehensive online pest glossary also provides a wealth of information that customers can refer to to keep pests out of their homes.

The website's live chat feature also helps customers identify their pests online and recommends the best solution or treatment. Online scheduling can confuse some users; to schedule an online service, customers must first navigate to the page of the pest they want to exterminate to begin the appointment request process. If your address is not found, prices will not be displayed. However, Terminix prices are on the affordable end of the national average, making it an excellent choice for customers who want to ensure they get good value.

Ehrlich Pest Control stands out from the rest with its pestfree365 plan, which offers year-round protection against 36 of the most common pests. The prevention program begins with a home inspection and includes regularly scheduled appointments where a technician thoroughly inspects the property. Ehrlich technicians are GreenPro certified by the National Pest Control Association. This means that pest treatments remain respectful to the environment, as well as to children and pets.

The pestfree365 plan also includes the eradication and prevention of bed bugs. In addition to the pestfree365 program, Ehrlich offers other preventive services, such as humidity control and vegetation management, to make homes less attractive to pests. The monthly cost of pestfree365 is relatively high compared to the national average, but for homeowners who have battled pests, this additional cost could well be worth knowing that their home is protected. Critter Control, a Leading Humanitarian Wildlife Removal Company, Has Over 100 Offices Across North America.

Services include rodent control, provision of bait stations and removal of vertebrate pests. In addition to Critter Control's wildlife removal and repair services, company publishes comprehensive wildlife library and resources to educate customers. Resources on the Critter Control website include audio and “bug” guides to help customers better understand the animal or pest affecting their homes before technicians come. Aptive Environmental offers pest control for insects and rodents in 32 states and Washington, D.C.

Aptive delivers environmentally responsible solutions to customers with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Aptive is a member of the EPA Environmental Pesticide Management Program, which means a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of pesticide use. There is limited information on the website for details of Aptive services. Aptive Environmental also doesn't treat homes against termites or bed bugs.

If a customer needs termite treatment, they may want to look for the “best termite company near me” to find a qualified service provider. But if Aptive serves a customer's area and the values align with the customer's, Aptive is a worthwhile pest elimination option. We chose Orkin and Terminix as our best options for pest control because of their extensive experience in pest management and extermination. Both companies offer pest control services nationwide and offer high-quality customer service and resources.

Professionals are also certified and trained for the job, so clients don't have to worry about whether they are investing in the right people. When selecting our top picks for the best pest control companies, we consider the types of pests each company treats, certifications, and employee warranties. After extensive research, we narrowed down our options to five trusted, highly experienced companies. Many of our top picks offer services across the country at affordable prices for customers.

In addition, their certifications guarantee the quality of pest control and extermination, which means that customers are less likely to have a recurring pest problem. Our top picks for pest control companies offer prices that range from affordable to high, but quality of service has merit over cost. In other words, customers will get what they pay for. Some of our best options offer additional services for customers, such as wildlife damage repair, moisture management, and attic insulation.

Bug Techs Pest Control Company, Inc. Offer same-day service to your customers with guaranteed results. They make sure to get their work done on time and otherwise the additional time needed to finish a job is free. Your company can have a wide range of pest control solutions for various pests such as bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, termites, carpenter ants, gunpowder beetles, moths, flies, fleas, spiders, earwigs, centipedes, wasps, dust mites and many more.

They'll make sure none of that survives in their hands. Chelsea Pest Control has been serving New York for more than seven years and is proud to offer only its customers the best solutions for any pest invasion. They are known for providing reliable and safe work in a timely manner. They don't want to waste time and make sure that their customers only pay for their exact services and nothing else.

The company is employed by honest and passionate people who take pride in their work. They know the stress and horror faced by people whose place is being invaded by unwanted creatures. That's why they're there to make sure you're away from any risks. Since its inception five decades ago, BHB Pest Elimination has offered a comprehensive pest control service for businesses in the New York City metropolitan area, residential property owners and restaurants, providing intensive treatment programs followed by diligent barrier and exclusion programs.

Queens Pest Control Exterminators has been serving the community for the past three decades and promises to continue serving more people. When there is a pest infestation, the owner's number one priority is to manage it as soon as possible. A number of factors contribute to the cost, including the type of pest being eliminated, the supplies needed, and the time required to provide services. His team uses a six-point pest control program, which includes determining pest infested areas, eliminating pest habitability conditions, eliminating pests, and monitoring facilities to keep them pest-free.

Company offers residential and commercial pest control services with dedicated account representatives. The company uses a tactical pest control method that includes environmentally friendly products and innovative ideas to solve common pest problems, from birth control for rats to dog bug inspections. Assured Environments is a pest control company serving residential and commercial customers in the city. The U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages you to make sure you use pesticides approved for use in residential homes and not to use more than the amount needed. In fact, preventive pest control can help you avoid significant structural damage, exposure to dangerous pests, higher costs of infestation treatments, and give you peace of mind. Critter Control has a service called CritterSafe that involves using techniques that are safe and humane for wildlife management. Many pest control properties offer monthly or quarterly service plans to keep pests at bay throughout the.

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