OmniArts Nebraska  is a 501(c) 3 non-profit company founded by co-directors, Daniel Kubert and Dustin Witte.  Its mission is centered on three forms of community interaction, all of equal importance, and inextricably intertwined: 


-To enrich and foster creativity in the community and the region through collaboration with young, aspiring, and established artists, artisans, performers, and organizations by creating fully-integrated pieces of art. 

- OmniArts Nebraska seeks to utilize four main artistic disciplines:

            -Literature                  -Visual Art            -Music                        -Performance 

Through the use of these disciplines, working interdependently toward a unified goal, OmniArts Nebraska can create work that makes an impact; that more deeply explores and illuminates the issues within, as they relate to art, artists, and humanity universally. 

-To foster local and regional artists as they realize and share their unique, authentic vision as it relates to the region, and the world at large. 


 -To provide viable income to local and regional artists, artisans, and performers, and to promote their professional interests.

-To stimulate and contribute to the local economy through performances, collaborations, and striving to aid in the promotion and retention of local businesses.

-To encourage a sense of pride and generosity in the community and the region, regarding commerce and social acceptance. 


-To enlighten, educate, and inspire empathy and open-heartedness in the community and region by creating performances where audiences have a shared, communal, and cathartic experience.

-To encourage artists to re-examine how their art affects the community and to be mindful of the potentially positive social effects.

- By working collaboratively with local/regional artists, artisans, performers, and organizations in a way that is rooted in Loving Kindness, Joy, Compassion, and Equanimity, we strive to foster these values in these individuals and entities as they interface professionally in their communities.

-To acknowledge and celebrate the diverse elements that unite to create a miraculous whole.

Board of Directors

Eric Delaney - President

Jenn Duerr - Vice- President

Bonnie Sand-Whittier - Treasurer

Deanna Waltz = Secretary

Elizabeth Govaerts

Deann McHargue

Mary Douglass

Daniel Kubert, Co-Founder/Artistic Director

Dustin Witte, Co-Founder/Executive Director

Cary Twomey, advisor to the Directors